Vegi Stove V2- Stove for casual cooking

A shortage of fuel for cooking is one of the many problems faced by people in the developing world. Gathering fuel is generally women’s work but is fraught with dangers; they gamble with the risk of rape and life threatening attacks during their search for much needed firewood, in order to feed their families. In certain areas, local sources of firewood are completely depleted, leading women to travel further and further afield or to dig up tree roots, eliminating any chance of the trees growing again. Even if women survive this, they are still exposing themselves and their children to potentially deadly smoke fumes.

Practical action are tackling this issue through the use of stoves, which are both affordable and easy to use; cutting the amount of risky trips for firewood and allowing more trees the opportunity to grow.

Vegion biotech understands the importance of safe environment and forest, we have researched and developed an eco-friendly cook stove that runs on any vegetable oil, including waste oil. We believe that our unique product would make a great impact in many parts of the world and help to solve both social and ecological problems.

Vegion biotech has researched and developed an eco-friendly cook stove for daily purpose, especially for developing African countries called Vegi stove V2. Vegi stove V2 runs at any types of oil, even wasted oil. It helps reduce deforestation and erosion. With other important functions, it will be one of the most needed devices in your house kitchen

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