Vegioil Portable Stove – A Necessary Camping Gear

Camping Gear

Turn Fire Into Electricity

Outdoor activities are increasingly popular not only with young people but also with families. This is a precious time to bond family members. Outdoor activities include a variety of activities such as mountain climbing, picnic … especially camping which is convenient for the whole family. We will show you an amazing products that increase your enjoy for the camping trip – A Portable Vegioil Stove which is run by any vegetable oil.

Why we should have camping?

Camping build up family bonds

Family camping is a great way to build a closer relationship between parents and kids. Memories and shared experiences from all the fun trips you’ve been on will help you communicate with your child (or parents) throughout your life. You’ll experience quality time for everyone involved. 

What is Vegioil Stove?

Vegioil Portable Stove is developed with purpose of green products. It uses eco-friendly fuel like vegetable oil, wasted vegetable oil and even fat animal. It is small, safe with 12 voltage and dramatically convenient for going outside.

How It Works?

Vegioil Portable Stove core technology creates blue flame and clean burning, with the natural fuel from vegetable oil and fat animal. The heat inside combustion chamber is converted into electricity via a thermo-electric generator. That will be extremely necessary for campers when travel to mountainous or rural areas which is limited electricity and light. The internal fan injects air back into combustion chamber and help faster ignition. This portable stove can use with any kind of bowl, from boil to grill. It could be used for both inside and outside house. With its’weight, it is easy to pack and carry outside.

Cooking Gear

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