Vegioil Stove – a Portable for Your Travel

When it ‘s coming to plan an outdoor activities, camping is one of the best affordable selection to help connecting to nature environment right when you wake up. Camping is proven that could be a critical factor to reduce stress and help improve physical health. According to the 2018 North America Camping Report, Camping activities are increasing in developed countries, especially Canada and America. There are many camping accessories that help campers to deal with daily demands.

Traveling to explore yourself

Portable stoves are widely used for cooking foods and heating when going  outside. Existing portable stoves typically require propane, gas, charcoal or some other combustible material to provide enough heat to cook food. These combustible materials produce large amounts of undesirable byproducts, such as carbon monoxide.

Wood burning stoves have become increasingly popular for camping. These types of stoves require trees to be chopped down in order to produce enough wood. Vegetable oils, such as olive oil, can be extracted from the fruits of a living plant during a harvest period. Due to concerns over deforestation, it would be desirable to use vegetable oil as a fuel source for portable stoves instead of wood. Vegion biotech deeply understands the importance for saving nature. We has researched  and developed an easy carrying stove for outside activities and good product with environment. We has improved a eco-friendly product called Vegioil stove that is preferable used for outdoor activities.The stove is special for burning with vegetable oil and generating electricity to serve personal purposes. We strongly believe that this product with be used worldwide for outdoor activities, especially camping and climbing enthusiasts.

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