Firewood Collection Taking a Toll on for forests in Africa

Demand for wood can lead to forest degradation, break ecosystem

Protect environment is the best way to protect yourself

Logging wood for fuel is increasing in remote areas

We have witnessed the increasing use of energy sources as result of rapid advancement of society. It is argued that human should look for more sources in remote areas and untouched places.In many parts of world, fuel wood is considered as the main source of energy. That is especially the case in developing countries like Sub-Saharan Africa, where rural communities depend on wood and charcoal to cook meals, boil bathwater and heat their homes. According to Daisy Ouya, author of “Unpacking the Evidence on Firewood and charcoal in Africa”,Firewood is massively popular in Sub-Sahara Africa where nine out of ten people– around 760 million individuals – heavily depend on wood fuel as their primary source for cooking, heating and other uses.  

Land degradation due to deforest for fuel

A lot of researches show that logging wood for fuel and economic purpose linked to forest degradation, deforestation and respiratory diseases (from indoor smoke)which is considered as key factor for climate change, especially global warming. A first study of Edinburgh University revealed that deforestation in central South Africa due to population growth, as a result of the war, and the growing demand for agriculture and fuel. Losing forest will threat ecosystem and human life. A suggestion is given to slow down hot global by using eco-friendly fuel like bio-energy in stead of charcoal and firewood.

Dr.Ed Mitchard of Edinburgh Geo-sciences University indicated that Forests in Africa have many effects with our earth. If people reduce to cut down wood, remain forests steppes, trees will grow and help limit the impact of carbon emissions.Finding alternative burning fuels is necessary to protect our environment.

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