Vegetable Oil – An Investment on Your Health

The global vegetable oil market is currently witnessing a positive growth. This is due to the changing lifestyles, improving dietary habits, and rising awareness among consumers about various health benefits offered by vegetable oil such as enhanced metabolism and prevention of several diseases. American agriculture produces over 16 billion pounds of vegetable oils each year. Vegetable oil is massively used for cooking as well as serving feeds and industrial needs.

What is Vegetable Oil?

Vegetable oil with light-yellow color

Vegetable oil is a form of natural oil which is extracted from seeds,nuts and fruits of various plants such as soybean,sunflower, peanut, corn and rapeseed among others. It is composed of fat and occurs in a liquid state at room temperature.Vegetable oil is light-yellow in color with a mild, tolerable odor. Demand for vegetable oil is increasing rely on its uses in daily life.

What are Vegetable Oil Uses?

Ingredients for Food Products

One of the best applications of vegetable oil is ingredient for food productions such as shortenings, salad and cooking oils, and margarines. With vegetarian or dietitian, vegetable oil is indispensable ingredient to reduce fat and calories.

Enhancement of Metabolism

Obese people are particularly interested in the diet, The intake of vegetable oil, particularly olive oil, may increase metabolism in obese people. According to a study conducted in São Paulo State University, Brazil about nutrition journal, olive oil contains phenolic compounds, substances that have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-blood clotting properties, which may possibly increase the body’s metabolic rate

Reduce Threat  for Heart Disease
Protect yourself by healthy nutrition 

Cholesterol is considered as one of the first factor for heart disease. Vegetable oil is formed from naturally sourced by seeds, nuts which contains extremely low cholesterol level. These oils are preferably safe for your heart which help to control heart attack.

Decrease in Risk for Breast Cancer

Beside help reduce risk for heart attack, vegetable oil is also considered as a key factor for controlling breast cancer. According to a A study from Milano University, Italy about “Cancer Causes and Control” suggests that the regular use of olive oil and other vegetable oils may be beneficial in decreasing the risk for the development of breast cancer. Compared with people who usually use butter and margarine, on the other hand, have a higher risk of developing breast cancer than those who use vegetable oils.

Improvement Skin with Oils

Vegetable oil has massive use in cooking and reduce health diseases, it also help protect our skin, especially olive,coconut oil. Frequently using olive oil or coconut oil combined with natural ingredients such as tomatoes, potatoes, honey will help smoothly skin. Olive and coconut oils also protect your hair and make it stronger.

Alternative Fuel for Cooking
Regular use of firewood produces undesirable byproducts

Energy and fuel are extremely important with our life which allow us to serve our daily purposes. Existing portable stove typically require propane, gas, charcoal or some other combustible material to provide enough heat to cook food. These combustible materials produce large amounts of undesirable byproducts, such as carbon monoxide. Additionally,access to some of these combustible materials may limited in developing areas of the world. Wood burning stoves have become increasingly popular in developing area. These types of stoves require trees to be chopped down in order to produce enough wood. Vegetable oils, such as olive oil, can be extracted from the fruits of a living plant during a harvest period. Due to concerns over deforestation, it would be desirable to use vegetable oils as a fuel source for portable stoves instead of wood.

Those are some popular uses of vegetable oil in our daily life. Because of it’s uses, the demand for vegetable oil is increasing both food productions and industrial needs.

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