Vegetable Oil Stove, Indoor and Outdoor Uses?

Why Should Be Vegetable Oil Stove?

Vegetable oil is extracted from seeds, nuts, fruits of a living plant

Fuel is important part to serve human daily purpose, especially cooking for food products. Portable stove is widely used for cooking food and heat, especially in remote and untouched areas. Existing portable stoves typically require propane, gas,charcoal or some other combustible material to provide enough heat to cook food. These combustible materials produce large amounts of undesirable byproducts, such as carbon monoxide. The Life development as well as changing in lifestyle to protect environment is the result of finding new burning method that reduces undesirable byproduct.

Wood burning stoves have become increasingly popular in developing area. These types of stoves require trees to be chopped down in order to produce enough wood which increases deforestation. Vegetable oils, such as olive oil, can be extracted from the fruits of a living plant during a harvest period. It would be desirable to use vegetable oils as an alternative fuel source for portable stoves instead of wood. Vegetable oil stove could be easily used both indoor and outdoor, Let’s me show you!

Vegetable Oil Stove for Indoor Purpose?

Firewood is popular fuel in developing countries. Approximately 2.5 billion people, use wood,dung, coal, and other biomass fuels to cook. The resulting indoor air pollution is directly responsible for mortality in millions of people worldwide. According to World Health Organization, more than 4 million people, mainly women and children, die permanently each year because of breathing elevated level of indoor smoke. Due to concern of humane, we aim to develop a vegetable oil stove that helps to control undesirable byproducts.  The vegetable store could be used for family cooking everyday. You could use any types of vegetable oil like olive, sunflower, corn,…,even wasted oil from previous cook. That is extremely economic and useful,especially in developing countries.  In some developing countries in Africa, electricity is quite scarce and expensive, a portable stove with a converter could help generate electricity for light is preferably necessary.

A Gear Camping with Vegetable Oil Stove

Oils as an alternative fuel source for cooking and lighting

The family camping or group camping is a result of rapid development of modern life. Camping is considered as the most popular way to bond relationship and get member closer, share memories. Besides some gears for camping like tents, vehicles… a portable stove with vegetable oil is very important. Why we should use vegetable oil stove for  our trips? The vegetable oils are quite cheap and you can purchase at any stores on the way, even wasted oil from food that you cook. Our portable stove for outdoor activities is very light which allows you to carry and put any place easily. It is burned with big flame and help us to cook food  quickly. It’s a big surprised when portable stoves with oil can burn for several hours and stability outside.On some tours, finding right fuels can be a big concern, especially in mountainous areas or remote areas where usually lack of cooking fuel as well as electricity.By therefore, our portable stove with converter to generate both heat for cooking and electricity for lighting.

With purpose finding alternative fuel sources to help reduce deforestation and slower global warming. A portable stove burning by vegetable oil will be a renovation for technology industry.

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